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A Decade's Worth Of Experience To Help You Reach Your Money Goals And Live An Epic And Rich Life. You Deserve It And Now Is Time To Create It!
In This Book You Will Learn Step-By-Step How To Level Up Your Money Game. From Getting Out Of Debt To Building Wealth And Creating The Level Of Income You Desire. All In An Easy To Understand And Insightful Way!
Ever Wonder How The Rich Keep Getting Richer? It's Not Just About Having Money, It's How You Think About And Relate to Money. Nearly 90% of Millionaires Are Self Made, And Nearly All Of Them Possess These Expert Money Mindset Secrets!
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Millennial Money Queens Ebook 
Master Your Money And Live Your Dream Life 
Monetize Your Passion Income Generator
The Ultimate Guide To Creating Passive Income Doing What You Love
Expert Money Mindset Secrets
Fast-Track Your Mindset And Wealth Creation Skills To Riches  
Millennial Money Queens 21-Day Program
Master Your Money Queen Skills In 21 Days
Apply All The Gold From Millennial Money Queens Ebook. Upgrade Your Money Mindset For Good! Create A Foolproof Plan To Build Wealth, Launch Your Dream Business And Start Living Life On Your Terms!
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Master Your Money And Live Your Dream Life 
Millennial Money Queens Ebook 
Total Value: $19.00
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From Personal Finance And Getting Out Of Debt To Building Wealth And Starting Your Own Business, I've Got You Covered!
Get The Latest Copy Of My Book "Millennial Money Queens" Today And Get The Inside Scoop On How To Create Wealth In Your Life Right Now! 
A Decade's Worth Of Experience To Help You Reach Your Money Goals And Live An Epic And Rich Life.
You Deserve It And Now Is Time To Create It!
  • How To Master The Rich Money Blueprint
  • How To Dissolve The Money Blocks That Keep Wealth Away From You
  • How To Design Your Dream Life And Take Massive Inspired Action To Create It
  • How To Banish Debt Forever
  • How To Manage Money Like A Money Queen
  • How To Supercharge Your Income
  • How To Invest Like A pro And Ensure Financial Freedom For The Rest Of Your Life
Here's What's Inside:
My Book On Mastering Your Money And Living Your Dream Life
The Ultimate Personal Finance Guide On Creating Wealth For Millennial Women
Take An In-Depth Tour Of Everything You Get In The Money Queens Bundle!
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Put Everything You Learn From The Millennial Money Queens Book Into Action With This 21-Day Program And Build Your Roadmap To Wealth, Step-By-Step!
Each Day You Will Get Exercises, Tools And Guides To Level Up Your Money Game And Create Your Financial Freedom, One Day At A Time! 
A Decade's Worth Of Experience To Help You Reach Your Money Goals And Live An Epic And Rich Life.
You Deserve It And Now Is Time To Create It!
Here's What's Inside:
This Program Will Teach You How To Take Action On The Most Crucial Parts Of The Millennial Money Queens Book On Mastering Your Wealth For Millennial Women
  • Millennial Money Queens 21-Day Program Ebook
  • Abundance Mindset To Wealth Full Training
  • All The Money Queen Scripts, Guides, Checklists, and How To's To Master Your Money
  • 7 Money Queen Makeover Exercises 
  • 7 Growth Mindset Hacks To Riches 
  • The Ultimate Guide To Creating Your $1,000 Emergency Fund Right Now
  • Secrets To Stop Budgeting and Start Managing Your Money Like A Money Queen
  • The Ultimate Guide To Automating Your Finances Like A Money Queen
  • The 3 Golden Rules To Spending Monet Like A Money Queen
  • Credit, Spending And Saving Tracking Guide
  • Word For Word Script To Negotiate Your Credit And Bills
  • Debt Eliminator Step-By-Step Guide
  • Dream Life Blueprint Creator
  • The Secrets To High Fashion At A Fraction Of The Cost
  • The Proven 3-Step Strategy To Supercharge Your Income
  • Secrets To Kickstart Your Investment Portfolio, With Any Amount Of Money
  • How To Choose The Right Online Advisor For You
  • Guide To Setting Up Your Investment Portfolio And Account Types Like A Money Queen
  • Which Investment Account Is Best For Me Checklist
  • How To Automate Your Investment Portfolio And Grow Your Wealth Like A Money Queen
  • Secrets To Wealth Creation Now And For The Future Ultimate Guide 
  • Passive Income Made Easy The Ultimate Guide
Millennial Money Queens 21-Day Program
Master Your Money Queen Skills In 21 Days
Total Value: $497.00
Monetize Your Passion Income Generator 
The Ultimate Guide To Creating Passive Income Doing What You Love
Total Value: $197.00
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Start, Grow, And Scale Your Online Business Into a 6-Figure Income Doing What You Love! Turn Your Knowledge Into Wealth And Build The Profitable Business You've Always Dreamed Of!
Supercharge Your Income With The Passions, Skills, And Talents You Already Have, And Do It With Virtually No Upfront Investment!
A Decade's Worth Of Experience To Help You Reach Your Money Goals And Live An Epic And Rich Life.
You Deserve It And Now Is Time To Create It!

  • Monetize Your Passion Income Generator Ebook
  • All The Monetize Your Passion Scripts, Guides, Checklists And How-To's
  • Independent Income Generator 3 Part Series 
  • The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing Secrets For Passive Income
  • Top Secrets To PR Your Online Business Like A Money Queen
  • How To Successfully Validate Your Business Idea, Product And Customer 
  • Keys To Sales Psychology To Supercharge Your Sales 
  • How To Increase Your Income Without Creating A Product 
  • 3-Step Guide To Creating an Information Product That Sells
  • The Ultimate Guide To Start, Grow And Scale Your Idea From 0 To 6-Figures 
Here's What's Inside:
This Course Will Teach You Step-By-Step How To Create Your Very Own Money Machine! Turn Your Passion, Skills, And Knowledge Into Passive Income And Grow Your Wealth Into The Level You Desire
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Become An Expert In The Way You Think About And Create Money In Your Life! Get The Proven Strategies My Self-Made Millionaire Clients Used To Build Their Wealth And Financial Freedom And Apply It To Your Life Today!
Unlock Your Money Mindset And Fast-Track Your Way To Riches With Actionable And Proven Secrets That Will Change They Way You View Money And Attain Financial Freedom
A Decade's Worth Of Experience To Help You Reach Your Money Goals And Live An Epic And Rich Life.
You Deserve It Snd Now Is Time To Create It!
  • Expert Money Mindset Secrets Ebook
  • All The Expert Money Mindset Secrets Scripts, Guides, Checklists, And How-To's
  • 4 Pillars Of Rich Money Blueprint
  • 12 Rich Money Blueprint Exercises
  • Psychology Of Wealth Building For Money Mindset Mastery
  • 9 Expert Secrets Guide To Negotiating Your Money In Any Situation
  • Think Like A Millionaire Money Queen Expert Mindset Training
  • Compound Your Money Into Millions In Your Mind And In Your World
  • Expert Money Mindset Blueprint To Creating Wealth And Living Your Dream Life 
Here's What's Inside:
This Course Will Teach You Step-By-Step How To Think Differently About Money And Use These Strategies To Build Wealth Like Never Before
Expert Money Mindset Secrets
Fast-Track Your Mindset and Wealth Creation Skills To Riches 
Total Value: $197.00
Receive All My Step-By-Step Guides, Checklists, Scripts And How To's To Successfully Attain Wealth and Financial Freedom In Your Life Right Now!
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Over the past decade, I've helped my clients create millions of dollars in wealth and secure the path to living their dream life. In this bundle, you get all the important and actionable steps you need to achieve this too!

If you want to supercharge your income, create a passive income, or start an online business
If you want to build your wealth now and for the future
If you want to break free from money struggles and become financially independent
If you want to create a vision of your dream life and put it into action
If you want to overcome debt and start building your net worth
If your goal is to live life on your terms 
(And How Can You Use It In Your Life Right Now!?!)
I sure did, and after a decade working in banking and wealth management and seeing 1 Billion dollars of investments professionally managed and creating wealth for others, I finally cracked the code! So let's get your money game on and build your financial freedom, Money Queen!
Money Coach, Investment Advisor, NLP Master Practitioner, Author and Founder of Millennial Money Queens 
I'm Here To Help You Master Money!
From Overcoming Debt, To Making More Money, Investing, Growing Your Wealth And Starting Your Dream Business, I'm Here To Show You How
Live the life you want to live, not what you've settled for and what was chosen for you. Ready to design and experience your dream life?
Finally learn how to master money and make it work for you. This is an  investment in yourself  that will literally change your life. 
Stop wasting your time and life on the rat race. You are meant for so much more! It starts with taking control of your time and money.
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Hi! I'm Maria
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Because (unlike other money "guru's") who tell you what you already know and provide little to no life changing results, i'm committed to making sure you actually succeed at mastering your money game. 

What gets me up in the morning, and gives me purpose in my life is to help women break free of the money struggles forever. I want to show you how every day women like you have the power and ability to become truly independent, money queens!

I get to place an awesome product in your hands which is truly life changing. I believe that every woman should have the same access to the same tools and strategies which have been reserved and kept secret for only wealthy clients by private wealth management firms.  

As an independent wife, mother and bread winner, I know first hand how amazing it feels to be a provider to myself and my family.

I didn't grow up with wealth or any financial knowledge, in fact there was a time where I was broke, in debt and had no direction in my life. The struggle was real... and I made a promise to myself to overcome the financial barriers holding me back from financial hardships and level up my money game. I was committed to break free from financial struggle forever and generate the level of income I knew I was worth.

Girl, you too are worth so much more, and you deserve to live your life exactly how you want to, in every way...

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The quicker you get this bundle in your hands, the sooner you'll be able to get your money game in play and start living life on your terms. 

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       Monetize Your Passion Income Generator Ebook

       Expert Money Mindset Secrets Ebook

       All The Money Queen Guides, Scripts,Checklists, And How-to Bundle
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As You Can See...
"I changed my life with this book and you can do that too. I had no financial knowledge whatsoever, I was drowning in debt and I was unhappy with my job, all that has changed now, I can't believe I did it!”
Millennial Money Queens Has Already Helped Countess Women Around The World, Here Are Some Of Them... The Question Is, Are YOU Next?
"An entertaining and practical book on how to gain control of your finances and attain financial freedom in an easy to understand way that everyone can apply. This is a must read for all millennial women who want to shift their mindset and learn step by step how to actually break free from the financial struggle and start living their dream life”
“A very easy read in an English everyone can understand. Maria’s work comes across as honest and sincere, which is very important in today’s world, while it speaks to millennials, the lessons are timeless and apply to everyone. A lot of women are shy and fearful about their finances, they need this. 
Amazing Read and very important concepts to help anyone reach a new level in personal finance!
"I hope thousands of North American women (not only millennials) take note of the book and profit from it. One step further along the war against poverty. "
"I bought this book for my daughter, I truly believe this book can be helpful for any young woman. She has become a successful entrepreneur and I am so proud of her”
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